About Me:
I chose the Graphic design field because I want to express myself creatively while also getting a message across. Design is the perfect balance of fun and edginess and as a small business owner myself I’m excited about helping others like me get their business branded professionally. I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see good, clean typography and eye catching logos and strive to have my work seen by others in the same way.

What I do:
I’m focusing on helping new and/or small businesses to get their branding produced. I’m offering packages of a business card, a letterhead, and a flyer.
I also do individual items such as logos, invoices, brochures, signage, posters, CD covers, newsletters, restaurant menus, book jackets, web site layout, pamphlets, and product labeling. I’m up to date in my computer skills and use the Adobe Suite. I also have training in illustration and can discuss taking on projects that include painting, drawing, and other forms of creating that can be used in branding production.